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Why Texas Traps

We are a small family run business that specializes in building you the best live traps we can for a fair price. Our traps are welded together using quality livestock grade mesh panels and steel framing. They come painted and ready to use. All of our traps have a trip mechanism that keeps the door open until the animal trips it. All traps with a guillotine style door have an automatic latch to keep the captured animal from escaping. We also feature a live bait cage on our predator traps for a much higher success rate. Our customers include hunters, farmers, ranchers, and animal control all over the USA. Shipping is available. Contact us for a quote or we will work with your freight carrier. 

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Hog Traps 

Coyote/Bobcat traps

Mountain Lion traps

Bear traps

Raccon traps

Deer Feeders

Deer Stands

Fire Pits

Custom Projects

For your custom welding needs please visit our sister company 

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